Why Partner With MHM



We are passionate about hockey and just as passionate in working with you!!  We believe you deserve our best effort.  Advertise with us and you will get a custom strategy for your campaign, as we work with you to find out the best way to magnify your message.  We have some of the best in the business to call upon in finding best practices for solutions.

We will collaborate with you to find a campaign strategy for your ad that if desired, includes multiple channels. Your ad can be shared using social media with our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons to magnifying your message by using your social media channels to increase the reach of your ad. For additional support, at a nominal fee, our partner at the National Institute of Social Media will work with you.

Unique Content – Our video library features some of the biggest names ever to be involved in hockey, with a “This is Your Life in Hockey” webisode series featuring the likes of Willard Ikola, Neal Broten, Phil Housley, Henry Boucha, Glen Sonmor and with many more scheduled for taping coming soon. Our site features content from 3 former NHL first round players who are actively providing content. With Columns written by David Tanabe “Today with Tanabe” and Ryan Walters “Coaching your Best Game “, along with Phil Housley’s video series in the ” Phil’s Skills” webisode series, your brand will be seen as a high performer.

Besides quality content, our professional staff produces quantity, with the site having new content averaging 17 new pieces of original content each week by some of the best in the business. We are just starting out and this figure should increase as we move forward.

OUR AUDIENCE IS YOUR AUDIENCE  If your product or service is about hockey, you really need to consider advertising with us, as our rates are affordable, our content is all about hockey, and we are reaching your market.

  • Our site was launched Dec 3, 2012, but our analytics already indicate solid growth, with almost 10,000 unique visitors and thousands coming back on a regular basis.
  • Our Facebook page has an average reach of over 10,000 visitors each month with almost 250,000 friends of Fans.
  • Our active Twitter account (@mnhockeymag) has over 620 followers in just a few months.
  • For additional reach, consider using our very affordable Newsletter with over 3,500 (and growing) email addresses targeted to the movers and shakers in the hockey industry.

Podcasts/Radio network – Because of the quality of our content, we are being asked to share this content on other outlets. We soon will be sharing on multiple radio stations and websites. We will have a limited number of sponsorships available for our Podcasts.

We challenge you to find a better looking and faster responding website dedicated solely to Minnesota hockey. Our response time is quick because we believe you deserve that experience when visiting. The custom built site is designed for performance

Check out our website at MinnesotaHockeyMagazine.com. We have spent thousands of hours and ten’s of thousands in expenses to get this website to where it is at today. This is no cookie-cutter website, but a custom built site, done by those who are passionate about the game.

We are new, but as a source for breaking news/hockey information, we are already highly thought of in the hockey industry. Our former 1st round star players, current NHL and national coaches, and professional writers are esteemed in the industry. We continue to add new writers and content providers; many are asking us how to be involved, and how they can share their talents to be a part of this special magazine.

We are not done building… We have a lot more in store for the magazine, and for the business side of things. Look for new features on the Website over the next several quarters. The traffic to our site will increase as we add these features and we continue to promote the site at all levels of the game. With thousands of unique people visiting our site each month, and tens of thousands of impressions, join us today as we work with you to grow your business and your market.