Roff-in-Motion (Video, Motion Graphics, Animation)

Roff-in-Motion is the Graphic Design Studio of choice for! This Multimedia Production Studio has supported our website creation, promotion and launch with many artistic static web graphics as well as numerous promotional videos filled with insightful video, stirring motion graphics and colorful animation. The core focus of Roff-in-Motion studio, in affiliation with, is to provide advertisers with an option to contract services for the conceptualization, creation and implementation of dynamic and interactive banner ads and rich media productions. The advertiser retains proprietary ownership rights over each finished production, which can thus be used within our many magazine editions and/or wherever else the advertiser decides. In addition, Roff-in-Motion will provide potential service contracts for character design and animation, digitally painted web graphics and artwork, logo creation and digital publishing applications.




National Institute for Social Media

National Institute for Social Media

The National Institute for Social Media (NISM) is dedicated to social media education and certification for professional social media practitioners. Our mission is to provide premier, vendor-neutral public education and resources related to social media. In addition, our Industry Advisory Committee defines and supports certification and continuing education standards for social media professionals in a manner that upholds industry standards for competent practice. NISM has teamed up with to assist advertisers by providing professionally serviced, thorough market encompassing, social media campaigns. If our advertiser decides to implement NISM into their advertising expense, NISM will strive to ensure that all avenues of social media are consistently assessed, infiltrated and impacted with brand awareness.