Website Ads

In the state of Minnesota, the registered youth hockey leagues alone account for over 100 million dollars in investment each year (Twin City Business, 2011).  For those who would like a bigger piece of this action, you could advertise within our main Web Editions.  Within our Minnesota Hockey Magazine website, we offer a number of comprehensive advertising packages that range from the all inclusive Diamond level to the standard Bronze level.   Each format includes specific degrees of interaction and production with several of our affiliate services depending on the level chosen.  Application throughout our site will be tailored within those chosen specifications to optimize your Return on investment.

  • Focused/Restricted clientel to optimize service standards
  • Advertising targeted to specific age groups and genders
  • Marketing opportunities through video sponsorship
  • Personal consultation and strategic marketing applications through partnership with the National Institute of Social Media
  • Built in provisions for consultation and production of Promotional Videos, Motion Graphics and Animation (Roff-in-Motion Studios)
  • Built in Metrics for click through rates and brand awareness
  • Scheduled monitoring and consultation
  • Tiered pricing structures to fit any budget